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Don Winner - Sandra Synder Exposed for what they really are!!  If I only had a Brain that goes for both of them!
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ADVERTISERS ON DON WINNER'S WEB SITE MIGHT BE INVESTIGATED due to the association with prior fellons, the US Department of Justice might be looking into the advertisers for fraud or other illegal activities if you are dealing with US Citizens.


Surely the businesses who support Don Winner through the purchase of advertising on his website need to consider how it makes them look to be associated with all the lunacy and piracy. Which of these businesses care to have not only the taint of a Don Winner association, but now the added stench of a rotting Boswell alias Freeman albatross hanging around their necks?


Check and see that at any given time there are only 4 readers of his site.  Bottom Right Side of page. Man his counter is really screwed up. Oh I forget everytime he opens his web site the numbers click and he does that about 200 times a day, no wonder his numbers are inflated.


What we know about Don Winner, claims he lives in NY hosts his web site out of Orlando and promotes online Gambling which is illegal in the United States. But is hiding in Panama......

Don Loves to attack anyone that disagrees with him or he can't get money out of.

He makes up lies and posts them then threatens to file defamation of character charges against anyone who sheds a light on his activities.

He can dish it out but sure cant take it.

It seems that Mr. Don Winner uses the exact tactics he accuses everyone else of , phony emails, and proxy names to attack people. Hum...What Don Winner POINTING FINGERS, WHICH SHOULD HAVE A CURVE IN THAT FINGER POINTING RIGHT BACK TO MR. DON WINNER.

Don WInner's Friends Rex Freeman/aka Marc Boswell, Thomas McMurrain



They just think they are that smart, Sorry boys you aren't.

This site is devoted to anyone who has been attacked, by either Don Winner or Clyde Jenkins. Voice your response to them. We will only delete DON WINNERS AND CLYDE JENKINS COMMENTS.

Email us if you don't want to be on the avoid list. We are going to add the followers of Winner's Web Site.




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Don Winner wins the complete idiot award, lets see Don is still attacking a candidate 6 days after the election. And reports Candidate Lies about Finances. Well folks lets again look at the facts.

1) The candidate was never asked which election will you put the money in PRIMARY OR GENERAL.

2) Goes to show you that Mr. Don Winner is as stupid as the other reporter. ASSUME, and it did just that of Don Winner, made an ASS out of Both reporters.

Mark Boswells Alias Rex Freeman and Don Winner.

By Eric Jackson

Donald K. Winner is raving again. His illness has taken a turn for the worse.

Ever since he embarked on the monopolistic practice of trying to compete with The Panama News by using the stolen labor of others --- he copies copyrighted things by other journalists working in other media from the Google wire and pastes them on his commercial website, even though many of the media from which he steals have repeatedly demanded that he stop, and then boasts that he has "thousand of articles" (of stolen property) and then goes into junior shrink mode about how it's some sort of mental illness to point out this illegal business practice. But he and his backers always were deluded to think that they'd get away without a fight. Read More


Don Winner - "If I only had a brain"

Scams Advertisers with Fraud Counts!


10,367 articles and 124 Comments. Wow it would look like someone would maybe read his crap. This goes to show you nope no one cares to even comment after almost 10 years. DON REALLY BAD ADVERTISING STATISTICS. Right off the Web

Don Winner Profile

Total number of articles: 10,376. Total number of comments: 124.

Obviously no one with a Brain Reads his columns because out of almost 11K article he only has 124 Comments Pretty Lame if you ask me. Nobody Cares about his site. And he keeps scamming his advertisers.
Talk about Stupid advertisers.

Still checking as of March and only the same old readers, his site says there is 32 active wow that sure is a lot of potential customers. But then the number doesn't gel you see right below that the members signed on is only 3 so maybe Don Winner does fuzzy math. Seems to be the point here fuzzy math Don Winner.

Don Winner Stalks Journalists Family with Stun Gun. And you think this guy isn't nuts.

Don Winner of Panama-Guide Stalks Reporters Family


By Okke Ornstein

You’d never thought I’d say this, but I love Don Winner’s Panama GuideIn a country of low moral fiber like ours where juega vivo is the highest virtue, the Panama Guide is the kind of news source one expects. Its utter corruption perfectly fits local folklore and Don Winner has in just a few years set a rich tradition of stealing other people’s work, promoting scams, being paid by one real estate developer to attack another, randomly accuse innocent people of committing murder or drug trafficking (without a shred of evidence of course), and simply being sleazy in general. All that while maintaining a 100% failure rate in making accurate analysis of Panamanian events (he said Navarro would be the next president, for example).

To make things even better, Don Winner is a terrible writer who typically needs 10,000 words for something he could have said in just 25. Then he sells that as “premium content” which again goes to show what a true genius the man is. Of course if you can’t write you never suffer from such things as a “writers block” or other creative blackouts – people like Winner live in the knowledge that, like diarrhea, the words will just keep coming. Muckraking journalism? Don Winner and his Panama Guide are the muck!

Don Winner likes me too. Or better said, he’s a big fan. In fact, that became a bit of a problem for him when his continued attempts at getting close to me and my family forced me to obtain restraining orders against him and his sidekick Clyde Jenkins.

Fortunately, Winner learned from that experience and now he just writes about me.

I myself have been quiet over the last months. Creative block and bored. The elections came out as I had predicted well over a year ago. We’re waiting for Martinelli to take office. I’ve kept my usual distance from most of the American expatriate crowd and its endless bickering and backstabbing on Yahoo boards and expat parties while dedicating my time to other, more interesting things.

And so I was talking with some friends and acquaintances last weekend about the ever-widening Panama porn scandal and how much fun it is now that everybody is suing everybody else and demanding apologies.

“The best part is that you’re not in it in any way”, said my friends.

“Don’t worry”, I replied. “Don Winner will find a way to drag me into this freak show and blame me for everything. He can’t help it. He needs to write about me”.

And as if acting on cue, he just did exactly that. He recently launched that paid premium content section on his website and, ummmm, it seems the premium content is me! Ornstein all you can eat for just $20 a year! Don Winner needs about 10,000 words of premium content to express his disappointment that I, Okke Ornstein, was never really interested in the whole porn affair. Quotes endlessly from my emails. Well, Don, I am so sorry but this is just not my thing, you know?

In case you missed it: we’re currently having this Panaporno scandal in our country. You see, there is this Dutchman here in Panama, Fabian Buys, and he distributes internet porn, and he’s quite the man and now the Canadian police is after him for child pornography or so it is said. Then there are all kind of weird connections, for example consular personnel organizing porn summits. And there is this woman Mona, who writes both porn and articles for Don Winner’s Panama Guide, which often reads like the same thing anyway: “(…) you can expect to jerk from left to right, feel your stomach drop, tense your muscles and squeal with excitement and/or fear (…)”. That was her on Panama Guide, writing about….. a cab ride. And then Don Winner hangs out with Buys at poker tournaments in casinos where Mona’s boyfriend pimps Colombian chicks or whatever.

The thing is: I don’t really care what all these people do, but Don Winner is all over it and that’s what makes his Panama Guide so great. I start vomiting after just a day in this type of environment, but Winner wallows in it, inhales it as deep as he can. It’s dark and lonely work, like oral sex, but Winner knows that someone has to do it and it might as well be him. A real Panamanian hero. At one point, somewhere last year, some guy “William Smartlee”, an ex-employee of Buys, approached me by email, urging me to write about Buys and child porn and what not, but he couldn’t give me anything solid to base a story on and he finally gave up when

I just ignored him. Don Winner, on the other hand, has just today published about three or four articles already about this Smartlee character!

Smartlee is in fact Steven Rich, we learn, indeed a former Buys employee who was fired after he had been caught stealing, to be immediately hired by former Marc Harris employee Jon Hanna – a customer of Don Winner -  as his “marketing director” where his claim to fame became organizing business networking ventures masquerading as expat parties. Now again, I don’t really care. I’m from the most liberal country in the world and if this crowd wants to hold expat porn parties in Panama who am I to object, right?

Just one thing I don’t like. Don Winner writes: “And while the story fell into the “so what” category for me, the Siglo, Okke Ornstein and Eric Jackson, David Young felt compelled to write it, without checking out the source.”

This could of course be one of his classic grammatical misconstructions, but the sentence reads as if I wrote something. And Don, come on, you know that is not true as I’ve left this porncake entirely for you, Eric Jackson and the old farts at the Panama Star to feast upon.

UPDATE: Okay, so Steve Rich apparently left the country and rumor has it so did Fabian Buys. That leaves us the minor players, of which Eric Jackson was dumped from The Panama Star so that’s one old fart less at the Geriatrics Daily. And then we have of course Don Winner who has re-edited and put new and improved spins on his shit in order to avoid looking like the total idiot that he is. Oh, and Mona Moore/Sutherland was angry with me and her pimpin’ boyfriend was even angrier but they’re pussies so they never called me or even wrote me.

In short: This saga has been such an uplifting experience for all of us!

Clyde Jenkins - Attack Dog for Don Winner

Clyde had to run to Colombia to hide again from his ever mounting enemies.

Winner's attack dog booted off Internet groups

by Eric Jackson

Former US Air Force intelligence officer Donald K. Winner, who has in his own name and through proxies been waging a long-running vilification campaign against The Panama News and this reporter, Noriegaville and its owner Okke Ornstein and several email discussion groups that have eclipsed the ones he controls seems to have lost ground in recent weeks. The most recent setback is the banning of one of the moderators of some of his email groups, Clyde Jenkins, from the Panama Current Event and World discussion group. Some smaller discussion groups have followed suit.

Jenkins and Winner had been running a years-long vilification campaign, falsely accusing Ornstein of wife beating and this reporter of pedophilia. As to the latter allegation, Jenkins recently admitted that it was groundless: "The only reason I did was to give you an object lesson of what it's like when you start accusing people falsely. I don't believe that anyone took it seriously as I think they understood my purpose in doing so," Jenkins wrote in a Panama CEW posting nearly three years after he first made the charge. He never did specify any false story on this reporter's part.

But meanwhile, Ornstein published a rather scurrilous article in retaliation for years of unsubstantiated accusations of domestic violence, insinuating pedophilia on Jenkins's part. For that Jenkins has brought criminal defamation charges against Ornstein, and the former's use of postings from the Panama CEW group as evidence to support that charge was the immediate reason for his expulsion.

For many years, Jenkins referred to this reporter in dozens of postings on Panama CEW as "You Ethically Handicapped Piece of Shit" --- sans any specific allegation of unethical conduct.

Jenkins's boss Don Winner, for his part, with the active collaboration of his real estate partner Rob Askew falsely accused this reporter on the Zonelink email discussion group of seeking to obtain information about nerve gas and promote terrorism on the Internet. Winner made the bogus allegation and Zonelink owner Askew prohibited any reply, telling this reporter in an email that Winner had won the "argument." Winner's weapons of mass destruction claim came as an effort to discredit a story about how somebody is monitoring the attempts of veterans of the Tropical Test Center and their relatives to seek information and establish contacts among themselves and sending them intimidating emails. (It is unlikely that anyone other than the US government would have the technological means and motive to do such a thing, but nobody is claiming credit for the intimidation campaign, by which people have received emails warning them to cease and desist from seeking information or contacts.)

Winner's attempts to eliminate independent English-language journalism and discussion groups have met with ever less success in recent months and have become more extreme. He showed up at Ornstein's home in Arraijan armed with a stun gun and a camera, and after a confrontation and a wild car chase ended up with a corregidor's order to stay away from the Ornstein home for his effort. He has since accused Ornstein of trying to kill him in the car chase and of criminal defamation.

Winner has also, in collaboration with a friend of his, mounted a legal and media campaign accusing one of the people who led an electronic walkout from an email group that he controls of business fraud.

The bottom line, though, is that Winner's email groups and website are falling ever farther behind in readership among Panama's English-speaking residents.

Why Does Don Winner Attack people?

Let's explore the reasons

1) They are people he can't scam into advertising in a publication that has only 111 members and is only read by a handful of people that love to watch train  wrecks or his readers are typically people who have something to hide or something in common with Don WInner, or are involved in questionable activities themselves.



2) He is afraid of being exposed or reported for his activities.

3) Don Claims he lives in NY and even went so far as to promote a Candidate for US Senate from NY, to try and make himself look legitimate but the Candidate recently contacted Don Winner to have the comments removed because of the trash Don Winner promotes.

4) Don Winner lies are all over the map he claims he has had people in his face screaming at him when he can't even recognize them when they actually come up to him.

That brings up another question why would anyone scream at Don Winner if he was such a great guy. Winner goes out of his way to make enemies which makes no sense whatsoever. I guess that is the only way he gets readers. And that group is rapidly growing smaller all his readers are flocking to Panamanews or Okke Ornstein for real information so Thank you Don Winner keep going and loosing readers you should be down to about 10 by now. We are accomplishing what we are setting out to do. Get Don Winner so occupied that he quits writing anything but attacks. OHHHH DON IT'S WORKING!

Clyde Jenkins Conviction For crime with a child